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Native Gardens

Is the new and old way to manage land and gardens focusing on the local ecosystem in a sustainable way. Australia has the most unique flora and fauna, especially in the “Big Scrub”, Northern Rivers of NSW, so we take care of our clients’ needs, preserving and restoring the land with vision.

What we do

Native Gardens would love to assist you in your property and build a beautiful garden taking care of the local ecosystem, attracting and supporting native flora and fauna balanced with your needs. Also, if you would like to explore your garden’s potential, we can assist with the creation and maintenance.
We manage bush restoration projects using our eco-friendly and high frequency approach. And this year we’re excited to announce that we’re starting to dive into the carbon credits industry.

Work sustainably

Sustainable work means auto-sufficiency of the project once it is finished. It will work by itself, with minimum maintenance and no extra resources, such as fertilizers or chemicals. The benefits of our method are easy, affordable and sustainable. It will improve your quality of life, support your veggie gardens and implement bush tucker/food whilst protecting the wildlife.

Our commitment

Is with our clients, the environment and the community. How do we do that? Not just working based on sustainability, but everytime you’re paying an invoice we plant a tree in our own bush restoration projects. Those projects will be managed by the Custodians of this land. These projects will provide herbal medicine and bush tucker or bush food for educational programs local and internationally.

About Us

We are a multicultural team with the same passion: satisfy our client’s needs with full respect to our ecosystem.

Our mission is to improve our client’s quality of life, our vision is to support our client’s lifestyle balanced with the environment to make a better world from their gardens.

Leading this project is Axel, who learnt this method from his father, agroindustry engineer and landscape designer, at a very early age, following their cultural heritage. Then he studied law focusing on environment and human rights to support local projects in Argentina and France, and now in Australia, where he also was certified as therapist.

We successfully implemented this concept over the last 3 years in Australia, strongly committed to our happy clients.

Sustainable Solutions

Join us in our passion for sustainable solutions with environmental consultancy services!

Our work encompasses a wide range of essential tasks in the environmental field.

Don't hesitate to ask about our bush restoration and land management programs!

With a commitment to sound environmental practices and sustainable land management, we also implement policies and organize activities in designated parks and protected areas to conserve and protect our natural and cultural heritage.

As an environmental consulting team, we bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to every project. Let's collaborate to find innovative and sustainable solutions for your environmental challenges, whether they involve land management, agriculture, or any other aspect of environmental conservation or even landscaping and gardening projects. Together, we can make a positive impact on our world."

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